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Study English Language in United Kingdom

The country in our days well-known as “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” is formed by Great Britain together with the Northern Ireland province. Great Britain is placed on the north-west from European Continent and is one of the biggest and most peopled islands on earth. The name Great Britain is used for the territory of England, Wales and Scotland, which consists of the British island and nearby islands. The Kingdom of Great Britain appeared under the Queen Anne after the joining together of the kingdoms of Scotland and England on 01.05.1707.
The island of Ireland is located on the west from the Great Britain. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland appeared in 18th century after the signing of the new Act of Union by two Kingdoms - of Ireland and Great Britain. But in 1921 after the Irish War of Independence, the bigger part of Ireland received independence and formed the Irish Republic (or Eire). The most of citizens in Northern Ireland wished to stay as a province of the UK.
Each part of UK has its own capital: England - London, Northern Ireland –Belfast, Scotland - Edinburgh and Wales - Cardiff.
The term "England" is sometimes inaccurately used with the meaning as United Kingdom. Citizens of the other main nations of the UK. find such usage incorrect, so it is better to avoid it! Although the term "British" is acceptable, but has to be carefully used in Northern Ireland.
Great Britain was the leading maritime and industrial authority of the 19th century. On the peak of its power, the British Empire occupied over 1/4 of earth. But in the 20th century the first and the second World Wars seriously decreased the UK's strength and dismantled the Empire, after that the UK restructured itself into wealthy and modern European nation. In nowadays the UK is a leading financial centre and a trading power. As a constant member of the UN Security Council, establishing member of Commonwealth and NATO, the UK still uses a global approach to foreign policy.
The UK is a member of the European Union but still use its own currency – Great British Pound. English and Welsh – are two official languages but English the most usually spoken.
The state system of UK is a constitutional monarchy, where the head of government is the elected Prime Minister, and the head of state is the Queen.
Exclusive and traditional, inspirational, creative, amazing – United Kingdom is all this and much much more. You can find here forty National picturesque Areas, forty nine selected Areas of Marvelous Natural Beauty, fourteen National Parks and twenty seven incredible World Heritage Sites, five of which have the status of World Heritage because of their exceptional natural characteristics. So if you're looking for education, inspiration, action, leisure or want to find out the hidden treasures of UK, let’s learn the origin English language and explore UK your own way.

Shortly about UK

Capital - London
The state system- Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
Currency - British pound sterling (GBP, £)
Area - 244,820 sq km
Population – over 60 millions
Languages: official – English and Welsh, others: Scots (in Scotland), Irish and Scottish forms of Gaelic (in Northern Ireland)
Weather can vary greatly.
In general:
Summer is 14 - 25°C
Winter is 1 - 4°C.
Emergency service numbers - 999 or 112. These calls can be made from any phone and are free of charge.
Electricity 230V, 50 Hz , (appliances usually use standard 3-pin square sockets and plugs)
Calling Code +44
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .uk
Time Zone
summer: UTC +1
winter: UTC
Consulate or embassy of UK in your country

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