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Study – Expert corp. New language - new opportunities

Study – Expert co. is a worldwide net of schools allowing you to learn language you need in the most effective way – in the country where this language is spoken. We teach Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. Our local offices in different countries have the same principle – the student should have one of the best conditions to study language with a great learning methodology and with the best costs.

Of course you may study language at your home country, but you may never experience language immersion like with our program in this case. And of course it is always interesting to have a trip to another country to know another culture and find new friends, which ’Study-Expert’ can arrange for you in a most organized and fancy way.

While considering mentioned on our web site prices and conditions, please note that if you have some better offer from another reputable language School, please feel free to forward it to us to reconsider our offer for you.

Of course if the School or organization you mention has the same serious accreditation as our one. We hope that after trying our services you recommend us to your friends, which is a greatest compliment for any professional language center like ours. Have a great trip!





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